Friday, May 24, 2013

    The character to face a struggle is Tom Robinson. During this time there was a large amount of racism. People were strongly judgemental. They just wanted to see the people of another race to suffer for something.

    Racism was very big during the 1930’s. Peoples opinions were influenced by racism. They wouldn't  judge a person by their personality, but by their skin color. Most of the people down south were racist. There was even a group of racist people called the, “ Ku Klux Klan.” Also known as the, “ K.K.K” . It was unfair, people wouldn’t give people of another race a chance. They would just be judged. And also be called cruel names. But there were some people that didn’t judge people by the color of their skin. They gave people a chance.

Tom  Robinson was  accused rape. And the jury was all  white. So their opinion was influenced by his skin color. But his lawyer was white. He was one of the few people down south that wasn’t a racist. And I believe the jury’s opinion was influenced. They didn’t care about his opinion. They just wanted to see Tom behind bars.

I believe this was an unfair trial. They should have people of both races, black and white. Then there would have been more of a chance for Tom to be innocent instead of guilty. Something that was very powerful about this book is Tom’s lawyer was white. He didn’t care that Tom was black. He wanted to prove to the jury that his client is innocent. But the jury wouldn’t hear any of it. They were probably scared of Tom. Not only is he black, but he is accused of rape. The want to see him in jail.  

Tom Robinson had a difficult obstacle that he couldn’t overcome. And he ended up going to jail for a crime he didn’t commit. People were very judgmental about blacks. And for him to be accused of rapeing a white woman definetley made him more hated by the jury. They didn’t know that he was a nice guy. And they didn’t care either. They wanted to see him in jail and that was it. It was an unfair trial and Tom ended up paying the price. He lost against racism basically. The trial would have gone differently if there were people of both races.


  1. 1.)the essay starts with a struggle with Tom Robinson.
    2.)the quote "K.K.K" was the best because idk :)
    3.)this essay is very well written in every aspect
    4.)this essay is good the way it is, good work

  2. 1) The essay starts with saying that Tom Robinson struggles.
    2) You have no quotes, you just put KKK in quotations.
    3) Explaining the struggle Tom is facing

  3. 1. starts with a general statement

    2. no quotes in your essay

    3. did good at describing the struggles of tom robinson

    4. need quotes and could be a little longer